Thursday, November 6

The 'Nano' of IT

I may not be Narendra Modi's biggest fan, but he certainly knows what he's talking about when it comes to business. Take this quote from a recent article, for example:
Why cannot we develop MS Windows in India, or a Google or a Yahoo? If an Indian can develop Hotmail and given that 30 per cent of Windows developers may well be Indians in any case, the task does not look all that difficult. What is required is a leap of faith, a paradigm shift.
Spot on, Mr Modi.

A caveat though: what he's talking about is product-related innovation only. While I totally agree with him that we are not up there in terms of technology products (with or without a social angle), we did revolutionalize the way IT is done around the world, and business model-related innovation is as commendable as product-related innovation.

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