Thursday, November 27

Citizen Ordinary


My nerves are still jangling from what I've been following from last night and all throughout today. As an ordinary citizen, I have some ordinary thoughts:

1. If the terrorists are so brash and so confident that they can walk into the epitome of wealth and prosperity and do what they will to the richest, most important and powerful people in my country and around the world, what chance do I have? I travel by local transport to office everyday, walk exposed to bombs and gunfire, and no one provides me Z-class security. This begs the question - as one with means and options to move out of my country, do I do that to ensure the safety of my family or do I continue gamble with my life everyday?

2. There's a massive Intelligence failure. Heck, after what happened all through 2008 there's simply massive lack of intelligence from our elected representatives who promise us so much every five years or so. How do you justify this obviously co-ordinated effort? And after all this, we have leaders who try break the fragile thread of unity that keeps us together. And no one bothers. They tell me that I am not safe if I'm not born in a certain state or in a certain religion and the terrorists tell me that I am not safe if I go about my daily business. Who's worse? Where do I go? Even my insensitivity to the daily blasts has been ruptured due to the audacity of the events of the last 18 hours or so. I imagine two random guys arbitrarily training their AK-47s in a crowd. Worse, I imagine them getting their hands on nuclear / biological weapons. I feel the meaning of the word 'terror'.

As I walk out from work in a few minutes, my only consolation lies in the fact that the skies are dark and there's a cyclone warning. I hope it will dissuade the terrorists and the politicians from victimizing me. I'd rather be taken by God.


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