Friday, November 14

Alexa rankings for India

The Alexa rankings for India throw up some pretty interesting results, as they give insights into our surfing habits and by extension our other... er... habits. To illustrate my point, this is probably the only webpage in the world where you have Savita Bhabhi (warning: NSFW) and Bharat Matrimony appearing side-by-side. Of course, none of them are even close to (warning: NSFW) which is more than 20 rungs higher on the ladder, just 3 spots below Orkut.

Youtube is at no 6, which means that either broadband has really penetrated the user base or we are just incredibly patient people. Given that I let myself be stuffed into a share auto everyday to work and also that my wife tolerates some of her colleagues, I would tend to think it's the latter.


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