Wednesday, October 8

Reliance BIG jerk TV


All right, so many of you were wondering what the teaser ad above was for. I'm sure many even thought that it was Reliance Big TV's teaser campagin. Wrong! It was actually Bharti trying to create a teaser for it's DTH service. Confused?

That's because Reliance Big TV's ad folks showed immense nimbleness and poor advertising ethics by using the same symbols that Bharti used in its teaser ads (the couch image, and the "See you at home" line). They then proceeded to add some stupid stuff around it like "with over 200 movie channels".

I can understand comparative advertising and even the odd slanderous line here and other, but trying to ride on someone else's ad budget and brand identity by hijacking a teaser campaign is analogous to stealing. I've never really seen the sense in teaser campaigns, and this is a good example of another risk that an overly extended teaser campaign lends itself to. If you choose to classify daylight robbery as a risk, that is.

Bharti would now, I imagine, need to revamp its tag line and identity so as to shake off the confusion that the loose-moralled folks at Big TV have created in the consumer's mind. A good place to get the money would be the compensation they receive after winning the law suit. Big TV - see you in court (with over 32 cinema halls).


  1. Damn! I was convinced those gophers or whatever they are are advertising Reliance Big!

  2. Yeah, their theievery has succeeded, in that case!