Tuesday, October 14

Dear Mr Andrew McKinlay

If your team abuses our players on a personal level, it's gamesmanship, or as you call it 'sledging'. If our players take some time, they're serial offenders? If we're playing euphemisms, let me call it 'playing for a draw'.

He goes on to say further:
The poor fans among the crowd paid 150 rupees ($5AU). For many, a full day's wage. They could've witnessed a thrilling victory like Australia's last summer in Sydney or India's in Perth.
Bless your magnanimous heart! Unfortuately, you may shocked to know that most of my 'poor' compatriots actually feel happy when their team doesn't lose. It's funny how we third-worlders think, right?

Anyway, we will be sure to extend the same generosity to your 'poor' cricketers who scramble to be brand ambassadors of Indian brands and part of our cricket leagues.

One final thing, get over your mother-in-law obsession, it's really queer.


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