Friday, October 24

Christ, Gilly!

Gilly: Please buy my book. Please! Look how I scream! Ok, say you were an ex-cricketer who was writing an autobiography. You would have to ask yourself two questions:
1. Where is the market for this book?
2. How do I make sure it gets sold in this market?
Adam Gilchrist's answers were:
1. India.
2. Write something controversial about Sachin.

Compound that with our tendencies to overdramatize an demi-god-ify and you have the perfect front page story.

[Update Oct 25 5:00 am]

Gilchrist apologizes to Tendulkar. That's what the Times of India claims anyway. However, if you look at this video, the only person using the word 'apology' is the irritating anchor. Gilchrist said that he 'clarified' as his 'remarks were taken out of context'. Makes you think, what drivel we are fed in the name of 'news'.

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