Monday, October 20

BCCI to give in?

BCCI's shitty treatment of the ICL may soon be a thing of the past if this report is to believed. Says Butt, chairman of the PCB:
The BCCI has been given 21 days to discuss this matter (resolving the IPL / ICL conflict) and come back to the ICC for consideration.
It never made any sense to outlaw another league that sought BCCI's recognition to begin with. However, this will really be tremendous for me on a personal level. No, no, not because I love the ICL or the free market, but because I may finally be able to watch Neo Sports (promoted by BCCI) on my DishTV (promoted by Subhash Chandra).

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if BCCI continues to strong-arm the world council of the sport. Babus, after all, are babus.


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