Sunday, August 10

CSR - What an idea

Until recently, there were two types of corporate social responsibility:

1. Help society, but be silent about it.
2. Help society and advertise it.

Now, the folks at Idea Cellular have come with a third and more cost effective way.

3. Imagine you are helping society and advertise it.

(image courtesy: :) Copyright © Idea 2008 )

Further, look at the stuff posted on the Idea website:
    1. The campaign highlights the power of Mobile telephony to address the socially relevant theme of education.
    2. By integrating a social message into the new campaign, we are not only reinforcing the difference that can be made through the use of modern technology but also the power of a new idea.
The second quote is especially awful. Advertising a potentially impractical and unfeasible use of your product, while extolling its virtues is definitely not a social message. While the line between advertising a product and corporate social responsbility is not exactly thin, the folks at Lowe Lintas and Idea have managed to blur even that successfully.

Who says Indian companies don't innovate? What an awful idea. Blech.


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