Wednesday, May 21

The legend of CRAP Man


Little Hagannath was born on the 14th of February. He first noticed how cultureless India on his 6th birthday. His uncle Ramu didn't make it to his birthday party. After the party was over, his mummy told him that Ramu uncle was in a park. With some aunty. That night little Hagannath dreamed that Ramu uncle was in the park with some other aunty doing dirty, dirty things. It might have been the result of watching a Rishi Kapoor movie earlier in the day, but it opened his eyes.

It was out of this crisis that a hero arose. He would weed out public hand holding, hugging, Valentine's days and other Western influenzas with his superpower: CultureSenseTM.

With this awesome ability, he set about the task of protecting his nation from falling in to chaos. An IT recruiter by day, by night he is Culturally Righteous Assisduous Policeman - CRAP Man.

Watch this space for more CRAP Man adventures...
[Sketches of CRAP Man solicited]