Saturday, April 26

The real Jaypant

You thought Jaypant was fictional? No, he crawls the web, sending emails to innocent damsels like my wife under creative aliases like 'shubham friendship'. Here's one she received today.
From: shubham friendship <>
Date: 2008/4/26
Subject: Shubham here , Sorry to disturb u.

Sorry to bother u this way. (No kidding!)
This is not to trouble u but to ask u for friendship. (How are the two different, exactly?) If u reply, i'll take it that u wish to know me as friend n then we exchange mails.

Actually i had an Orkut account. But Orkut was too much weird. People posting any scraps. So i noted ur id from it and then closed it. and now i ve dared to mail u. (Wow, a new business model, Goodbye social networking!)

About me , i'm Shubham. 30 years n i'm mechanical engineer n now well settled in Mumbai. I m married for 4 short years n got a beautiful daughter on 1 yr. My family s most in priority for me. (I can see that.) My parents are in Kolkata n all my family members are proud of me. (No shit, wait till they read this.) But i'm no sant-mahatma. (You don't say!) I take life as it comes n enjoy it to fullest. I ve my share of things which i keep it to myself. But to tell u humbly, i'm not a bad man. (Ladies and gentlemen, the epitome of humility!)

But like all people in this world i also have dreams n ambitions. So i go for it ..
What i'm looking forward in this friendship is :
1. Mailing n may be chatting on gmail, if u r comfortable.
2. No exchange of phone numbers or addresses.
3. Just frank n true discussions on life , friendship n our dreams.
(The three bullet points of a highly effective Jaypant.)

So do i take it that we can be net-friends?
Really n eagerly waiting for ur answer.
Take care n good luck for ur family n life.
(Now you know, that his Orkut search include married women.)

Shubham (a.k.a. Jaypant)

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  1. your better half has an open id on orkut !!! very bad idea