Sunday, April 27

Bhajji - you obnoxious weed!

This latest act just proves that National Pride definitely as big it's hyped up to be for sportsmen. Not all of them, anyway. These 'idols' are just teenagers who get cranky when they lose. I'm sure Harbhajan would have just as easily slapped / abused someone else if he were playing for India. And all this camel crap of them being 'brothers', and sorting it out within the family! I think Harbhajan's mother should do all the interviews she can before her son gets the life ban, this shit's been flying too long, it's hit the fan now.

Coming back to the point though, the whole episode, however, is enormously depressing for all those who thought 'national pride' was egging these guys on towards aggression for India. I'm glad the IPL has raked this up, otherwise we would have had to keep hearing stories of how cricketers with millions of dollars in the bank 'sacrifice so much for their country'.

Obnoxious little weed indeed, how the Aussies must be laughing at us now!


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