Sunday, March 2

A very happy day - India vs Australia - First Finals CB series

I am feeling extremely happy right now. A simple analysis reveals that any, many or all of the following may be the reasons:

- It's Sunday and
- India beat Australia
- in Australia
- in a series final
- and we chased
- and Tendulkar scored a century
- and he carried his bat through the innings
- and it was his first century in Australia
- and Bhajji dismissed Symonds
- and Bhajji dismissed Hayden

I guess the only thing wrong was that my predictions didn't come true and it wasn't the second finals! Tendlya, you rock!


  1. more the kidMarch 04, 2008 11:56 AM

    Tendya scored a stable 91 today! Missed his century but , what a batsman!!!!!!!!!! Amazing !