Sunday, March 9

The most wonderful things

Grandparents are the most wonderful things. They were old since the day you were born, they had all kinds of physical problems, they consumed medicines more than food, they told you the same stories a million times over and each time it sounded more fascinating than the last, and as you approached youth, they, in some sort of manic reverse race, beat you to childhood.

Grandparents are the most wonderful things. And today I'm one grandparent less. My grandmother Mai passed away at 10 AM this morning. Rest in peace, Mai. I know your smile lights up wherever you are right now. And that bouncing laughter of yours has a room full of angels in splits. I love you - till we meet again.


  1. more the kidMarch 10, 2008 10:28 AM

    Our sweetest songs are indeed the ones that tell the saddest story!
    The most touching post ever by sincere condolences

  2. I second everything you mentioned in this post. Definitely 'The most wonderful things'

  3. Hi Rohan,

    Sincere condolences...ur best post till date...