Monday, March 17

Why the Indian Premier league may not be as much fun

Well, I have two reasons why I don't think I will dig this new avatar of cricket so much.

1. It's not international cricket. Following sport is a lot about having a team / player to support and cheer for. Somehow, I think I won't have half as much fun following the Delhi Jets or the Chennai Super Stars as much as India or Roger Federer.

2. It's on fuckin' Sony Max! They don't even care about cricket, they are mainly interested in Mandira Bedi's cleavage and advertisements. They are very likely to skip the last ball of a critical match or show delayed coverage just so that they can show more ads or cut into a soft porn show.

I'm not too interested in the hype surrounding IPL, I will just look forward to the tests this year, I think an international form of the IPL that is not covered by Max would probably work better. Oh wait, wasn't that the 20-20 World Cup?


  1. probably shud make it a rule to award broadcasting rights only to ESPN-STAR..apart frm tht...every other channel is terrible..

  2. Seriously man. No one's bothered about cricket, in a bid to make it 'more entertaining', they're taking away from the sport.