Saturday, March 1

Prakash Amritraj's gateway to nowhere

Sony Pix has always been my no 4 channel for English movies. They had finally got my weekend TV time when they advertised our very own version of "On the lot" in "Gateway". But what turned out was a horrible, amateurish show with precious little to evince or retain interest.

At first sight, it seemed that the short films that were bad. It was only after watching the fourth incomprehensible film that I realised the films got chopped to one and a half minutes in the show! How can the most important part be chopped to cater to Mr Boring Amritraj repeating his question, "So is this your first film?"? Wonder who's directing this series; he surely needs to be the first one to be eliminated!

Amritraj also keeps extolling the chance that he's giving these budding film directors in glowing words. Self-promotion is ok, but he has penetrated and radiated "Gateway" so badly that it seems like we're watching, "I'm Amritraj, the champion producer" rather than a reality series about film makers.

Anurag Basu and Rajat Kapoor did nothing spectacular to add to the series, leaving this show with the status it started - that of a great idea. Two thumbs down, Mr Amritraj.

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