Friday, February 8

MNS - Why like this?

Since every product needs to have a USP, like same way it is for political parties. What option did poor Raj have?

  1. Saffron/Hindutva agenda - Already owned by BJP-Shiv Sena combine (apart from VHP and others).
  2. Minority friendliness - Core competence of Congress
  3. Jailed peoples applying for political ticket - taken by many UP-ites and even Gawli in Raj's own home state. Blasted bloodies.
Things looking bleak. But wait. Not so fast. Differentiation is there.

Maharashtra is still politically viable groupism. That's why only he is doing like this, men.

It's like all fighting to get their hands in a pile of tatti. And he's now hurling littil bit at all of us. Soon to be hitting fan. Cheers.

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