Sunday, February 17

Aussie former cricketers' idea of 'fun'

Read this.

Now tell me something. Is tennis a boring sport because no one calls each other names? Is Roger Federer boring? Or Sachin Tendulkar for that matter? Won't they have any stories to tell? Doesn't their play have 'color'? Why are these old fogies confusing sport with gimmicks?

I totally agree with Langer's argument here. Gamesmanship is acceptable and maybe even necessary. Getting personal with someone isn't. It's not accepted in other sports, or any other sphere of life for that matter, except maybe politics. I would think that this is the precise reason politics and sport are at opposite ends of a newspaper. By bringing foul language to sport, are we enriching it? The whole world hears these 'idols' abuse and insult through stump mics, and yet the authorities do nothing, but sit back and let it pass.

Sport, by itself is interesting enough, and the spirit in which it is played defines whether we focus on the sport itself or other issues. Ban sledging; I have no doubts that cricket will still be fun. We won't be talking about who called whose wife names, but we will be talking about the time that a batsman thrashed the crap out of a bowler or vice-versa. And if you want psychological warfare, just go back to the days of the Windies fast bowling greats and look at that one terrifying raised eyebrow. That's proof enough that personal trash about a sportsman is not the only way to pysche him out.

Read Ted Corbett's fabulous article here.


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