Sunday, February 17

Airtel and Nokia co-branding TV ad

Wow, these guys have outdone themselves. The new Airtel and Nokia TV commerical starts with a hand-on-heart, solemn prelude and ends with an anti-climactic SRK giving us a plastic smile and saying "Airtel and Nokia". Another atrocity on the senses. We know you guys want to use SRK's synergistic brand ambassadorship to advertise your new co-branding effort, but please stop raping our senses and come up with something that doesn't make us want to break our slow Nokia phones with bad Airtel network connectivity.

Maybe a Wish karo, Dish karo, barrier todo, people ko connect karo, aur i10 mein Youthistan chalo. Hmm, thoda zyada ho gaya. :)


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