Sunday, January 27

Visa: Mind, body, heart and soul

Mind and Body, Heart and Soul.
I've got the power, I'm on a roll.
Long live!
I'll never stop, (Long live!), I'll never bend (?).
Mind and Body, Heart and Soul.

The true measure of the awfulness of an ad is when you can find it on Youtube. And that is true of Visa's singing-dancing-prancing India television commercial.

Honestly, the "mindbodyheartandsoul" ad gets played way too many times for my comfort. There are the three stooges (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy), and this confused looking boy with his parents who are, by some measure of trickery I'm sure, convinced into doing this terrible dance step while trying to watch a bunch of cricketers feigning to be members of the 2007 Indian team to the Cricket World Cup. This is an unusual and uncomfortable mix of Bollywood (not quite) and cricket (not at all). The disastrous performance of the Indian team in last year's World Cup should have created a negative association with this ad, but the ad makers don't seem to care. We are constantly peppered with the extremely irritating jingle, and I still cannot shake the image of the pot-bellied Shankar Mahadevan doing that mindless, full-bodied, heartless, soulless jig.

However, despite the irritating nature of the commercial, one real standout point for me is that from the first frame to the last, you know that this is a Visa ad. Unlike so many of these bizarre-funny candy ads where you laugh and have fun but don't know if the ad is about Mint-o, Mentos or Mental, this ad clearly leaves a lasting impression of the brand in your mind, whether or not it is a positive association is a matter of debate. Well, maybe it isn't.


  1. Sid..No More The KidFebruary 06, 2008 1:28 PM

    Visa actually started airing the jackie chan ads - but with cricket-frenzy back, and esp during live cricket telecast and cricket based programmes they still run this ad.
    The Jackie chan ad i thought was far better than the belly-jiggling Shankar mahadevan's antics

  2. Yeah, I think they wanted to localise the content. Unfortunately, they've ended up with a mash of cricket and Bollywood.

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