Thursday, January 17

On intimidation

It's ironic, at the end of the third day's play, it seems that India has actually managed to intimidate Australia into submissiveness, not by their on-field aggression or mental disintegration, but by their cricketing body's clout with the ICC. I have never seen the Aussies being so sporting, and in that, one feels that they've lost their killer edge. Mind you, they're still an awesome team, but one senses that their restrained demonstrativeness is also tempering their attitude, and that's working well for the Indians.

One glaring example today was Adam Gilchrist shaking hands with Anil 'Jumbo' Kumble after wicket no 600. Don't think I could have imagined the day where I would see an Aussie shaking hand with the opponent's bowler, after the latter has just dismissed an Oz batsman! Not to take anything away from Gilchrist, he's quite the gentleman, even if he did appeal for the Dravid catch in the second innings of the Sydney test I fail to see how that is un-sporting), but the point is the whole ugly incident at Sydney seems to have had strong effects, and I just hope that the Aussie team stays under the cosh a little bit. The Lord knows the Indians deserve the rub of the green going their way.


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