Wednesday, January 2

Harass the person who's special day it is

It is really interesting how we Indians treat special occassions. I visited a friend's nephew's first birthday party recently and everyone seemed happy except the baby himself. They pressured his tiny ears with loud music, forced him to strike 'cute' poses, with bright shiny lights glaring in his face and he was constantly bombarded by coochie-coos from people too ignorant to know their own strength. I'm sure the last isn't unique to India, but this whole trend just took me back to they day of my marriage.

I had what you call a fabulous turnout at my wedding reception: the kind that you expect for a small clan's most important annual fest. A thumping success. Over a thousand, and we stoppped counting. The caterer, unfortunately, didn't. Anyhoo, since it was our special day, we were castigated by being made to stand on a podium for almost five hours ceaselessly. And since it was the photographer's special day as well, he told us to strike strange poses looking at objects in the distance that didn't exist, and when I said that I was having none of it, he was offended. Imagine the nerve of me, not posing for him on my wedding day! Appalling how weddings aren't planned around photographers and their whims!
Just a little mental note if and when we have kids.


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