Saturday, January 26

Gilly's goodbye


Well, Adam Gilchrist has retired from cricket: one-day international and test cricket. I remember when he first burst on to the scene, Geoff Boycott spoke about how he never got his front foot to the pitch of the ball and Ian Chappell happily praised his pulling skills. Ian always did like a good puller / hooker, one of the reasons why he keeps goading Sachin to play the horizontal bat shots.

It seems only yesterday that Healy said adieu to international cricket, and at that Australia had one of the finest set of reserves that the world has ever seen, potential greats such as Ricky Ponting, Brett Lee and Adam Gilchrist were waiting in the wings, a far cry from the Michael Clarkes and Mitchell Johnsons of today. But, honestly, I don't know if it's a testament to how old I've become or to how much Adam Gilchrist has done in a relatively short period.

I will remember Gilchrist for many things his awesome keeping to the likes of McGrath and Warne, his tremendous strike that stands testimony to a new era of Test Cricket, his sporting attitude in a hard-nosed Aussie outfit, the controversial "ball-in-the-glove"; the defining moment in his career to me, however is his blitzing double century, the fastest of all time and that's the memory I'll carry of him; not his ordinary last Test behind the stumps.

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