Sunday, January 27

"Applaud the applause"

Gavaskar's latest statement is, "You must compliment the Indian team for applauding Gilchrist". Basically, according to him, once someone starts applauding, it should never stop. Team 1 applauds, Team 2 applauds the applause, Team 1 applauds the applause for the applause and so on, till we start a new game called 'applause cricket'.

Just like Bucknor was sent back to Jamaica for his bloopers, I think it's time Sunil Gavaskar also discontinues his commentary contract citing senility.


  1. Dude,

    It is compliment..not complement..Use spell check like I do:-))..
    But yeah, post is really funny...

    BTW, if you get the chance, go watch Cloverfield.It is an amazing movie...

  2. Thank you, Mr Shangu! Point taken, correction made!

  3. Sunil Gavaskar has always been a selfish Indian. He Calls himself an Indian, but he is not a patriotic one. If he with his position in ICC cannot call a spade a spade for India, what good is he to this country.
    Harsha Bhogle and he should be sent away from raking money in for their so called expert opinion.
    I have more regard and feel proud of Anil Kumble. He is a patriot.
    Go and settle in Australia Gavaskar, I am sure your son will make a better aussie cricketer.
    India is not for you !

  4. Hey anonymous, thanks for that, but I don't think Sunil Gavaskar loves Australia! He takes every chance possible to criticise them. And I truly have a lot of respect for Harsha Bhogle and his knowledgeable commentary.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and keep them coming, it's great hearing from you!

  5. Sid..No More The KidFebruary 06, 2008 1:35 PM

    Rohan-- absolutely agree that gavaskar's problem is not that he is not patriotic but that he is too much of a patriot :) Extremely biased and embarassingly so.
    I also agree with wat you say about harsha Bhogle- he is fun, while also knowledgeable . he infuses humor even while rattling off dry stats.
    I remember one in NZL, when Siddhu slogs and misses a ball, Bhogle goes- 'And Siddhu tries to test how far the boundaries at the park are- the ball goes only as far as wicketkeeper paroroe's gloves"
    During our last tour to Australia , a local newspaper article described him as the "sexiest voice on air" . When teased about it by fellow commentators on air, Bhogle says-" I was really pleased to notice that the article was written by a lady" :)

  6. Hehe, I don't know about 'sexiest voice', Sid! But yeah, deeply knwoledgeable, for sure.