Tuesday, December 4

India, Pakistan, cricket et al

At the end of the 2nd day of the Kolkata test, I thought, "Of course we are thrashing this team, they look like a dilapidated group of 11 microbes suddenly transmogrified to human form". But no! I was wrong! India managed to draw even this test!

Of course, I'm not one to point fingers. Heck, I came 3rd in a group of 6 people in my office's TT tournament! But does that mean that I can't have an opinion?

C'mon Rohan! Wake up! Take control of your life!

Nyaaa.... time to drift my way through a few years. Sharpness seems to have been blunted and focus seems blurry, but I have to drift till I find what I'm looking for. Till then, I'll stay alive and stay prepared.


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