Sunday, December 9

Fraandships on Orkut netsite

Dear Sharmilee,

Hello, myself Jaypant. Fraand of fraand and enemy of enemies. That is me. Very clearcut. But, I am facing problem that I will discuss with you now. I seeing your profill on netsite of Orkut, and I am very much liking it, especially since you are saying you are open-minded. I am also. Read more, and you will see...

Long back in yesterday, my fraand is explain me the Orkut netsite. I am like. It is all about fraands and family, but not all the family. Because, since person is doing private things on this netsite, maybe like mother and father people are not enjoy. They are maybe think their child life is go in gutter. You but are understand their point also na, they are bringing you upstairs from childhood, they also having the exceptions from child. But it's ok. They cannot be modern like us, because they are aged. It is a sad but true.

As I was speaking, this Orkut netsite is showing many girl. And some indecent boy asking them dating and other dutty dutty things. But, myself Jaypant is not so like that. Since I am only son of my two parents, I am upholding family name. I am trying to ask you for only fraandship, since I am believe that true love is starting with fraandship, than become love and than only the true love. You are think I am reading this from book na? No, no, no!! In fact, from last-to-last year, I am not reading any book! About true love, I am learning on my own experience. Now, I will tell this secret that is fulling my heart in pain.

Last month, my true love leave me. It is sad, but you cannot blame her also, she has become eunuch (no 6). She's telling me with own lips. She is saying, "You are not it, I am it." or something similarly. She is clearly say that she has become 'it'. My parents will not approve. (Also, I am not being able to enjoy complete manliness after marriage.) It happens in life. Deep in the down, I am also feel relief as she is clearly saying that I am not 'it'. It is warming heart to see that she is not listening to her friends and my parents. It was a true love expect for gender problem.

As you know, true love is only one at a time. Since my true love is end, please have pitty on me. I am honest man who is not stealing much. I have no other children, and not much studied. English is good. So, if you are reading this and thinking about making your heart one with my heart, why not just leave reply? I am the one 4 u, waiting 4 u. But, you know my principal, it is first fraandship, than love and than only true love. If you are very nice, I can skipping love and go to straight for true love.

So what are you wait for?
Come, come,
Limited time only in this world,
Life is small, your heart is empty,
Mine too.
Please take pitty,
And we will make us two.

Yas, you are correctly guessing that I am poetist also.

I have speak so much. Now, I am waiting for your fraandship... please comment me.


  1. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMSEY....will you do fraaaaandship with me a????? ROFL TOTALLY! wat a riot! :)

    Please do Fraanship with me :)

  3. Laughing My Ass Off.


    Awesome piece. :)

  4. Hey, We 'cheapgundas' are 3 guys from Bangalore. This is our 2nd video.

    Looks like you have been agonised by "Orkut Despo dudes"

    Are you sick n tired of "fraandships" requests from despos in Orkut?
    Do you get messages like:
    "Hey babes I am a kool dude wid hot looks"
    "Ur hairs is beutiffull, I am in luv instant."
    "Life is a garden to be filled wid rozes of love friends"
    "So lets friendship??"

    Who are these despo guys and why do they do this?
    Find the answer -
    Watch our Video and Listen to the message carefully at the end ;)

    'Orkut Despos-The agony of Babes'

  5. ha ha ha ha ha.. took me a while to get here... but totally worth it!!!

  6. Hilarious man. Have added you to my blogroll.

  7. The email address of this gentleman is probably or something! Hilarious!

  8. Your name here...June 01, 2010 12:06 AM

    Nice blog man!!!
    And a great post too!! 'Fraandship!!!'