Tuesday, November 20

Temporary bachelorhood

It's been less than a day since the wife has returned from her one-week sojourn at Pune and it feels great to have her back. It's funny, bachelorhood with all its lures of long, drunken nights, untidy environments and unabashed flirting seems to be fast losing it's sheen.

Of course, the wise say that one tends to find the same thing in marriage, but of course working at a marriage is very different from working at your bachelorhood! It's an emotionally healthier experience with good degrees of discipline that bachelor life lacks.

Half the time, I'm not sure whether I say all this because I've been just six months into my marriage (dang, it's exactly six months today!). But what the hey, I'm happy now, and all I can do is extrapolate!

Happy anniversary, my angel!


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