Saturday, October 6


Turns out I should not be mocking Saturdays so much. Apparently its the day between Friday and Sunday. Don't be surprised. Wikipedia says so. And it's much older than the both of us.
Who both?
Thanks for asking. Reader and writer. You who are reading and I who is wasting his Saturday evening. And let's not mock Saturday, no sir.

Why not mock?

Just listen will you! Let's not mock Saturday, it's been around for a while. It's been named around the second century. Don't believe me? Wiki it. You wouldn't be ridiculing Saturday so much if you were in New Zealand. You wouldn't have a democracy then. It's the only day that elections can be held, don't you know? So the next time someone says, "Pfff it's only Saturday", make sure that you engrave the wiki print out of on his/her skin and call him/her bad things. Even Citigroup India has declared Saturday as a weekly off last month.
What you say now? Ha ha? What you say now?
Your blog sucks.
What can you do? Sigh.


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