Monday, May 7

Spider Man 3 Review

From a troubled superhero in the first and second chapter of the movie series, Spidey becomes a popular and loved figure in part 3. The movie starts off well enough with all being nice and rosy for Peter what with him weaving webs under the night sky and laying there blissfully with his sweetheart Mary Jane. But the fan is soon to get shit-hit when an asteroid bearing black, evil gooey stuff transforms our oh-so-loveable hero into a powerful, and power seeking maniac.

The third part should have been more action packed, considering there were two villains and Spidey's personal turmoil with the black, gooey stuff, and it is. But, somehow the whole movie seemed to go for the commercial angle, and absolutely cheesy humour. I mean sure, I'm a cynic, and you can't trust everything I say, but there were times you thought the story line meandered, the dialogue was a little pointless and that if they didn't have the cool Spidey swinging-around-in-the-city special effects, you'd have probably gotten up and left. There are shots that just smack obscenely obviously of the cheesiness, esp the imagery of the American flag in the background (although it was just a one or two second thing), and the last scene reminiscent of so many Bollywood movies, with the "dost" screaming "Nahhhhhiiiinnn" and jumping in the way of a speeding bullet, or in this case and speeding something-else.

All in all, the action scenes were excellent, the story was more tediously involving, but the movie could have been a little faster; the end being especially dragging (I'd gotten so used to ending a Spiedy movie with a swinging Spiderman, I guess it was an anti-climax for me.) I think people coming for Spiderman don't expect such sappy stuff, but hey, who am I to comment what with the record box office opening. 6 on 10 for Spidey 3.