Monday, April 30

t - 20

As of today, I’m 20 days away from my marriage and a change in status. There are so many fears, so many apprehensions. But, there is also hope and the promise of a new life. The clock is ticking. These are the logs as and when they happen...


Woke up today with sweaty palms and an empty bank balance. Today is bachelor party # 1. Acck! These Citibank folks are making a lot of money out of me. I must be what is called a revolver profile, so much interest income. It’s not fair.

It’s uncanny how the human mind works, when the XBox 360 was released, I used to only see these posters of Yuvraj and Akshay Kumar plastered all over the place and I used to walk into swanky electronic stores under the garb of being a potential customer just to get a look at the snazzy things. Nowadays, all I see are furniture shops, gas agencies and furniture shops. Stupid brain, always playing tricks on me.

Tomorrow, it will be t-19. :'(


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