Tuesday, November 14

Chronicles of the sideburns-ically challenged

I admit it. I do not have the thick hair growth that most males of my species seem to exhibit. As a result, I have a chronic problem, known in some circles as chronic sideburnslessness (SBL). Some laugh at the sparseness of your cheek hair, while others are kind enough to ignore it completely. And in the occasional event of you going out and actually cultivating the fiber, all you end up doing is being the object of laughter of every reasonably gifted male around you. SBL is much deeper than dead cells and skin. It is a matter of extreme sadness for those of us who aspire to be vain, yet due to Nature's cruel joke are wont to present ourselves as not-so-superficial people. We are living proof that lack of stylishness is not always a state-of-mind.

Of course, it's somewhat better than some of those who are follically challenged in a different way. They, of the gleaming pate, cannot really get their locks back, except by some fairly radical (and maybe now commonplace) therapies. An even sadder subset of the bald is those who are bald, yet hairy everywhere else. That is the worst of both worlds. These are the kinds who wish that one day upon awakening, some hair roots would have migrated from unwanted areas to the barren lands above. Even the equivalent of one finger's roots. But that's not to be. However, on the positive side, these dudes still have sideburns.To boot, the rest is shaveable. And I haven't heard of sideburn implants.

The story is rock-paper-scissors. What can you do?


  1. U have become so prolific suddenly dude...and started taking digs at nice people...

    Anyway, good stuff..and keep it going..

    -P :-)

  2. Hey Dudue... Good Going.. folically challenged u may be ..but then u are in good company :)