Sunday, October 29

The travails of an MBA graduate in IT

I'll quote, so that you can't point a finger at me.

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service.

I'm in the IT industry. Part of the Indian brain labour force that's stealing jobs away from unsuspecting, uneducated Americans. Sure, we make a little money, but doesn't everyone these days? IT's got its own pitfalls though, be very sure. For one, we lead very unstable lives. My seventh roommate in six months is moving out. And I'm having such a hard time convincing my landlord that my "family" will be joining me soon. That's the only condition under which he'd give the house, you see.

To digress slightly, every ad you see for a house for rent in this place ends with the phrase, "Bachelors excuse". At first, I thought that it was a reflection of the quality of houses, or a civil way to end the ad. But misapprehensions were quelled when someone told me the same thing in a heavy-laden kind of tone. The voice might have said, "Bachelors excuse", but the message was, "Fuck you, please". Very, very courteous.

So anyway, there are enough things to take care of when enroll ourselves in this industry, Unlike the poor, MBA banking folk, at least I get my weekends off, but that's not all it's cracked up to be. When we go "onsite", we are to have a '95% utilisation rate'. No time to breathe, in short. 5% includes, your daily routine, including bowel movements. So till we're onsite, we sit here, do some make believe work and read some make believe training material to convince ourselves that we're really not worthless and keep our self esteem levels above suicidal. When I say 'we', of course, I mean MBAs who get recruited from 'premiere' b-schools into the hallowed IT companies. The average engineer is your veritable workhorse churning out code or test cases or what-have-you with great aplomb. The objective, in our case, is much slimier. They age us by a year and then stamp our souls with a visa, and send us "onsite". Of course, the seductive charm of a foreign land and a foreign currency are enough motivation to hang on. Come to think of it, sounds too easy to be true. I wonder if it's all a big scam...


  1. Wonderful piece..Keep it going, dude..Hope u manage a new post daily...


  2. Wonderful piece..Keep it going, dude..Hope u manage a new post daily...